“Osaka Streetwear” Online Store

Anyone know about this site that’s popped up recently? It claims to be a Japanese clothing store with many items for 50%-75% off. Seems too good to be true, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a scam.

According to scamvoid, the site was made 15 days ago.



Here’s the link to the actual site if anyone else wants to take a look.



edit: thank yall for plat gold and silver, i hope this post reaches more people and keeps them aware of potentially fraudulent online stores.

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  1. XauMankib says:

    I made a little analysis of the site.

    The header hyperbeast style image is a royalty free photo of a Singaporean photographer.

    Half of the items are from Amazon.

    The other half from a Yukio Ishida clothing website, that is registered in Canada 11 months ago together with a Shopify account.

    The site is basically a middleman of a middleman, ordering from Amazon (the middleman between the shop and the people) and creating his own market as a 2^nd level shipping boy. Basically Wish but with a fancy facade.

    The real hosting position is hidden behind a Cloudflare DDoS protection.

    Edit: thank you for the gold, wonderful stranger.

    Edit 2: thank you for the silver, gentle wanderers.

  2. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    It’s a Chinese dropshipping site selling junk from aliexpress at inflated prices.

  3. Ok boys, i actually placed an order before understanding it might be a scam.
    I’m gonna contact them and ask them to cancel my order but if it happens that it can’t be done, i’ll keep you updated in order to understand if it was a scam or not.

  4. hey guys, after reading this post, I tried to buy something from this site and get refund then. so I managed to do this.
    I noticed that form where you insert your credit card information is not some payment widget or something that modern payment systems’ SDKs offer, but it is just HTML form. so basically they just steal your card info(CVV too).
    this schema has a weak spot – you don’t get a security code from your bank, so it means that payment is illegal, this information is enough to prove your bank that transaction should be cancelled(at least, my bank returned me my 50$).
    hope I helped someone.

  5. mobbarley78110 says:

    I fell for it.. ordered a t-shirt – they send an email back two days later saying that it’s out of stock and can only give me back a coupon. Tried ordering 2 other tshirts with that coupon, they always come back saying it’s out of stock.
    Complete scam IMO.

  6. justrobotsinside says:

    The are having a “closing down” sale already 😂 with 75% off everything!
    Some jackets are marked down from $99 to $27 how can people fall for it!

  7. I recently made an order from them and trying to get a refund is there any possible evidence I can use against them?

  8. They responded to my email and said they are willing to refund 49$ and still ship the clothes that I ordered so what do you think I should do?

  9. bellehooks says:

    also worth noting that the address they list on their site looks to be a residential area in LA.

  10. I saw this ad on IG so I did some googling. Look at here, glad I looked it up first!

  11. J_Chambers says:

    I almost fall for this. Jesus Christ thank God I always do my researchs before buying from suspicious websites.

  12. blazzinbuffalos says:

    thank you i just saved 50 dollars

  13. alwaysneedinghelp80 says:

    thank you SOOOOO much for posting this!

  14. bigBangParty says:

    I find that most of their articles can be found on the same AliExpress shop page, Provatethinker Sinicism.

    If you really want to buy some of those clothes look there instead, it seems to be the original seller, so everything is 3 to 4 times cheaper

  15. taishnore213 says:

    Has anyone ordered from this site and received their order? Can you provide proof?

  16. hardstuck_diamond says:

    Any updates? Did anyone get the item that he ordered?

  17. PineConeEagleMan says:

    I ordered from these people sometime last. What should I do now to get my money back?

  18. bookyface says:

    My Osaka Streetwear Journey, for folks looking for more proof.

    It was late, around two or three o’clock in the morning. Unable to sleep and scrolling through my Facebook feed, I encountered what looked like a cool store selling Japanese style clothing for crazy cheap. Not putting it together that these kinds of items would never be discounted that deeply, I dropped a decent amount of money on some things and went back to sleep.

    The next morning I had a weird feeling about the transaction and took another look at their site. Totally unencrypted CC capture. That on top of being “located in Japan” but running their site through the same server as a parking garage in Washington D.C to their address on the bottom of the site being in Los Angeles, I came to rue my late night impulse buy.

    Luckily I work with a great bank who has promised to look into it for me and agrees it is a fraudulent site. In the mean time, I sent Osaka Streetwear (now billing themselves Kyoto Streetwear on my bank account) two emails, one yesterday and today. The first one they didn’t respond to but when I used a little more strong language in the second one, I get a text from an Ontario number saying my order number has been refunded for the total amount charged.

    Long story short, don’t be like me. Don’t buy in the middle of the night and definitely Google because the deal that looks too good to be true usually is. I’m reporting them to Facebook and have spammed multiple advertisements with a warning.

  19. bookyface says:

    UPDATE: Also got an e-mail from their “customer care” insisting that they are a legitimate company and they have no idea where I got any idea otherwise. But supposedly they have issued me a refund of my full purchase.

  20. NCCGaming says:

    Can someone please link to where they’re buying the stuff to resell from?

  21. jamila_tatu_ says:

    I just bombed him with threats of investigations. I also just said to him that I have had the misfortune of dying several times in a violent accident and that I happen to know that when you die you face all the bad things you have done, that nobody gets away with anything and he should choose his karma wisely and not be a thief – which is true, this has happened to me.

    He capitulated and refunded me half of my money and my order is sent.

    Apply pressure. it works

  22. jamila_tatu_ says:

    I sent him this:

    “Good swerve,

    However ineffective.

    You completely bypassed the fact that you are dropshipping cheap clothing from alibaba.

    You either need to refund me half the money as this item is listed for half what you charged, or send me another.

    You are guilty of fraud, and wether you hide behind a firewall or not is regardless, the authorities can trace you.

    There are many people I am speaking to on reddit that all have this same issue. 

    You are looking at a class action unless you do the right thing and refund half of what I paid or send double the item.

    I do not want an exchange for cheap alibaba clothing. Why would I?
    Also: I want to tell you this..
    I have had the misfortune of dying 3 times in a row in a violent accident, and what I know to be true is that no one gets away with anything. There is no heaven or hell, however when you pass over you are held accountable for every shitty thing you have ever done. You will pay for your thieving and dishonesty, so if you rip us all off now, you will rip yourself off in the afterlife, no matter if you believe in it or not.
    Your karma is yours to choose. Be very careful.”


    He refunded half.

  23. I placed an order on August 8th after seeing an advertisement on IG. Email confirmation received, tracking number provided. No change on the tracking website and the seller unresponsive to email requests on status. Sent a strongly worded email after finding this reddit. We’ll see what happens

  24. TheHerberta says:

    Geez guys. I got severely scammed. Do not buy from this site EVER!! Just saying. It’s awful quality. And I spend way too much money on it.
    I’m so pissed. I thought the jacket was cute but the stitching. It’s a mess. All over. Loose threads and awful smell.
    I hope this happens to no one else. Cause I am pissed as heck!

  25. GalaxyPizzaYT says:

    its not a scam, bought a pair of pants and they came to me relatively quickly

  26. Looter555 says:

    Dang I bought a pair of pants hopefully their not awful

  27. Looter555 says:

    Wait the website is asaka streetwear not osaka

  28. killafu713 says:

    I fell for this and feel completely stupid. I found this post I immediately sent an email requesting a refund AND contacted my Bank/CC Company and disputed the charge under the pretense of a scam and fraud.

    Evidence I mentioned over the phone:
    1) Dropshipping items at a higher price from AliExpress and using stock photos (evidence on this thread)
    2) CC billing address is to a residence in Washington DC, Headquarters are in LA (per website). Shipping from China with no updated tracking information after 5 days
    3) CC Payment has no security features and is a form. Basically a sign of stealing credit card information (as mentioned on this thread, thanks!).
    4) No response from OsakaStreetwear Support in regards to cancelling order/refund.

    My CC Company put the charge on hold while they do an investigation and will be sending me a new Credit Card. 6-8 weeks for my CC Company to fully investigate so I hope it all works out.

    Thanks for this POST!

  29. Ipkissenpai says:

    I recently ordered a bunch of different items. Seemed too good to be true but I didnt care for it cause I didnt know whereelse I could find such stuff.

    Order arrived in about 12 days, I am from Germany so I was not surprised. Also I payed no delivery. I am no expert but the items look good to me. I tried everythin on. The size and look is as described. Maybe I was lucky… It was three pants, a pair of socks, a shirt, a jacket and a watch.

  30. nymarshall2 says:

    I paid with an Amex card. Have informed the card company that the items are not as shown on the websites, sizes are way off, quality is terrible and the company does not respond to my emails requesting guidance for a refund. I am also informing Shopify, California regulators (they have an office in Manhattan Beach, CA and NJ regulators (items were sent from NJ).

  31. AmbitiousFilmMaker says:

    I get a million ads on Facebook for this place but never under the same name. What they’re doing is one day they’re advertising a “store-wide closing sale” for Osaka Streetwear, and then sometime later there’s another closing sale only this time it’s for Dragon’s Dojo. There was even a third name I saw that I’ve since forgotten, all clearly the same company since the products are largely the same. Looks to me they’re skirting a loophole concerning the legality of advertising a “closing sale”, since they’re ostensibly closing and reopening “new” stores on a cycle.

  32. I’ve bought stuff from them before and its actually decent quality. I don’t know where to get these styles otherwise. but like if you order from them you’ll defintely get whatever you bought

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