Our Christmas cards came in a package with this flat cardboard piece. My daughte…

Our Christmas cards came in a package with this flat cardboard piece. My daughter and I made our own board game out of it!

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  1. We’ll use my 5 year old daughter’s miniature animal toy collection as the figurines, and we use a dice to see how many spots we get to move. She still has to color and decorate the board. It was a fun way to use this weird piece of cardboard, we’ll honestly probably keep this for quite a while before it eventually lands in recycling. Quite a bit of fun for basically free!

  2. tossaway69420lol says:

    Very cool. Get some color painted on it, would look nice and be fun!

  3. Feisty_Salamander619 says:

    That is such a fun and inspiring idea. I’m totally doing this. You did a great job!

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