Package was held a pickup location by “my” request and then someone picked it up pretending to be me

Hi all. I ordered a MacBook Pro through the Apple Student store to be delivered to my home. I tracked it diligently once it shipped because I did not want it getting stolen off my porch. Next thing I know, the tracking shows that it was held for pick up at a UPS facility and that it has been “delivered.” I was very confused, and hoping that it was just a misunderstanding and that my laptop was still chilling at the facility, I drove over to try to pick it up. When I get there, they tell me I picked it up the day it was delivered to the facility. I said that was impossible because I was not even in the state at the time, and I have pictures of my trip to prove it. On top of that, whoever signed my name misspelled my last name. The lady at the UPS desk was super nice and gave me her supervisors number. I also called Apple and told them what I found out. I’m not worried about getting my laptop since they have to replace it if I can prove I never got it. I just want to know how someone could’ve known that I had a laptop on the way and then was able to intercept and steal it. I’m worried about the security of my online accounts. Thanks in advance!

The content was posted by CircumstantialNova on 2020-08-12 04:44:20 via reddit

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  1. I would first change your email password and your apple password.

    They either can see you bought it directly from the apple account or can see the confirmation email in your email.

    Also if you have a UPS account or whoever Shipped it, chnage that password too.

    Do a scan on your computer for any unauthorized programs. I like Bitdefender for this but there are others out there.

  2. Check your email accounts for forwarding rules; check your browser for extensions with low # installs/few ratings.

  3. UPS may have left a physical slip at your house noting that delivery was attempted and that a signature was required, with where to pick it up.

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