Parcel with cash and fake driver licenses USA border control

Just get a call that last 1 almost 1 hour.

Short story: border protection services catch the parcel sent by usps with my name (fake name that i provided to them) that have inside a lot of cash and 2 fake driver licenses.

What they want from during the call:

– do i know 2 random locations in USA

– date of birth

– lat 4 digits of social security number

– how many credit cards i have and their limit

– how many accounts and in what bank with balance

– where do i live, rent or own

– my car

In exchange they provide me name of the officer and legal case number aw510123*


from the call what i investigated: they use outdated database, they use previous owner of the phone name.

they use 2 departments: one for cold calls and 2nd to work with potential clients.

tried to hypnotize/nlp using common and easy to see markers: people like to listen their names (mr. jef*on in each, each(!) sentence), each 3rd sentence with jury/legal case/other scary words, no time to think, rush, small time, all the time repeat “on recorded line, this can be proof that you cooperate, do not tell anyone about this call, do not hang up or mute – this can be against you and other mental pressure.

in general what they wanted: i am going to the bank, get ll cash that i can and put it on deposite.



P.s. when i said that i am on work and need to speak with boss to leave the office they allow me to hang up for a minute, but i need to proof and send them photo of my driver license to personal cell phone (number in texas).

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  1. I get about 5 of these calls every day. It’s a common scam.

  2. shizaspam says:

    btw. 10 minutes ago get a call from 1st dude – with resentment in his voice tried to blame me that i do not cooperate and he got email about this.

    with all possible persuasiveness explained that they have miscommunication between departments, that i provided all necessary information, sent photo and cooperate.

  3. Huddlestone says:

    Scammers from India. Did they have a thick accent?

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