Paying for Friendship

My girlfriend was recently messaged by someone on reddit offering to pay her to be their friend essentially. She received a check via email (which already sounds sketchy as hell) and proceeded to deposit it. I told her not to do anything until the check clears or bounces, even if they pressure her. Has anyone encountered this before? It sounds way to good to be true, so I’m assuming it is.

The content was posted by Anonmoly on 2021-10-11 23:24:08 via reddit

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  1. hoodiedylan808 says:

    Yup scam. I think you can be charged a fee if it bounces too so just be aware.

  2. 97Edgewood says:

    This scam is posted here *very* frequently, which proves there is a depressingly large group of people out there, sane and supposedly educated, who nonetheless believe there are rich people who are so desperate to have someone to chat with via text, that they are reduced to contacting random strangers and promising to pay $1000 a week for this service.

  3. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    She will be told to send part of the money to a charity or orphanage. This is a !sugar scam. Except scammers are able to convince people online that they will pay them thousands of dollars a week to do nothing but text them. That’s not how the world works. As others have said, she should go to or call the credit union ASAP and let them know she inadvertently deposited a check she now believes is fraudulent.

    And please, because the funds show up in her account doesn’t mean the check “cleared”. Banks are required to make funds available before a check has officially cleared-this scammer is counting on her seeing the 2500 in her account and saying “it MUST be real” and send it back in the way he specifies. Money showing up in her account is not indicative of a cleared check.

  4. Aunty_Fascist says:

    !fakepayment / !fakecheck

    She needs to call her bank and get out ahead of this before it bites her in the ass.

  5. Thanks for all the help folks!

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