PayPal “rep” gained remote access to computer

Hey all. So unfortunately my wife fell victim to someone saying they were a PayPal rep saying her account had been hacked and had fraudulent charges on it. They had mentioned that it has been hacked by a Russian hacker and as a result needed to gain access to her computer remotely. She was on the phone with them for 20 minutes or so while they had remote access. They did not ask for any passwords or bank account info, but asked her to fill out a refund form which looked fake to her. That’s when she questioned what was going on. I can only hope they did got gain any valuable banking or cc info. Is anyone familiar with this situation? What do you recommend we do? Thanks.

The content was posted by Crazy9975 on 2021-11-18 11:49:37 via reddit

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  1. This was what is known as a “refund scammer”. They would have had her log into her bank account, and then manipulated what she saw on her screen to make her believe that they had refunded her TOOOO much money. Then they would have had her send them the extra money back. That’s how they get your money.

    You can’t do anything about any information that they might have stolen from your computer, other than to change all of your passwords. You can revert your computer to an earlier restore point.

  2. Gtk-Flash says:

    It sounds like a refund scam. It would have probably ended with the scammers asking for gift cards for over-payment. That’s just a guess since this could have been a myriad of scams.

    You should remove whatever remote software they used and keep an eye for suspicious bank account activities.

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