PayPal Scam?

A friend of mine from Russia sent me a message today.

He claims that his PayPal account was hacked, and about $3,000 in local currency stolen a few weeks ago. Now PayPal wants to return the money, but he is locked out of his Paypal account. Russia no longer supports domestic Paypal transfers, so he asked if he could have Paypal send the money to my account and then I forward it on to him.


1) I don’t understand why Paypal can’t return the money to his bank account

2) I was able to confirm that Paypal indeed does not have regulatory authority to send money domestically within Russia as of last year

3) I trust this friend in general

4) I have confirmed that I am indeed talking to my friend and not some imposter

NOTE: I have pretty much decided that I can’t do this for my friend, but also I am a bit confused as to why he is asking me to do this in the first place!

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    There’s no possible way this is legitimate. Paypal is not going to send you money for someone else. And as far as I know, Paypal isn’t going to “return the money” if someone’s account got hacked, unless it was some major breach, and they are liable, and even then, I wouldn’t count on it.

    Regardless, if you actually confirmed that this is in fact your friend, via some mechanism _other_ than how he messaged you about this, then I think your friend is either not trustworthy, or he has been duped by someone else, and is just repeating what they told him.

  2. bee_administrator says:

    So, he’s probably right that his account has been hacked…except you’re most likely talking to the hacker rather than your friend.

    The payment you get sent will be fake or from another hacked account, you then send real money to the scammer, then the original fake payment gets reversed and you’re left out of pocket for the full amount.


  3. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    If you’ve confirmed your friend is in fact the one who contacted you, then you need a new friend. There is no way this is legit, and when he moves 3k from a stolen account into yours and you send it back to him, you’ll owe PayPal back the money.

    And as someone else said, if PayPal realized he was hacked and was going to return money to him, there is no way they would return it to “someone else” because he’s locked out of his PayPal account.

    Are you absolutely sure it is him you’re talking to? Whatever method you contacted him by couldn’t have been hacked by the same scammer?

  4. It’s possible that your friend is being scammed and the scammer has asked him to tell you this weird story in order to get you to let them use your bank account.

    Typically whenever a scammer asks to use your bank account as a way station for money, it is because they are either trying to steal directly from you (eg with a fake or fraudulent money transfer) or they are trying to use your bank to temporarily hold stolen funds (with the idea that when their fraud is detected, the money trail will stop at you rather than with the actual thief).

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