PayPal Scam & Hack. Help?

So a few days ago I received a large amount of spam (over 1,000) through the email address associated to my business PayPal account, then there were multiple unauthorized transactions through my PayPal starting the day I received those the spams.

I changed my email address and added 2 step verification codes. But stil.. lots of spams, then cannot log in to my account, changed password again and just now received an email from PayPal saying my email was changed. When I logged in to the account, I found out my original email was deleted by the scammers but the secondary email address was still there.. couldnā€™t figure out why.

Anyone can help?

The content was posted by durianwarrier on 2021-10-05 03:22:03 via reddit

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  1. Critter_Whisperer says:

    Delete the janky old email and replace it with yours, but, use one that you have not had on your PayPal before. Then change your password and force your account to log out of all devices.

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