Phone scam from “police”

Has anyone gotten a call from their “local sheriff’s” office stating that you missed jury duty? I just got this today and it was horrible. They hade convinced I had to leave work to visit the sherif because the jury slip was sent to my old address (I recently moved and they had both my addresses) I was ready to drive there until all of a sudden, they told me I needed 4k in cash for the fines associated with this. That made me suspicious but because of everything also very anxious. I’m usually pretty good at catching these sorts of things early on, but oof, what a bummer day!

The content was posted by NewtonFan0408 on 2021-11-11 05:46:48 via reddit

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  1. foreverfamous916 says:

    Call you local police department and county court house if you are unsure. This is an old scam from a long time ago.

  2. bee_administrator says:

    As a rule of thumb, official business like this will never be done over the phone as it doesn’t leave a paper trail. And officials love their paper trails lol. If you have been fined, the penalty notice and/or court summons will be mailed to you.

    So anyone phoning up, giving you a story and concluding that you need to hand them over a large sum of money is scamming you.

    For you own peace of mind you can call your local sheriff’s office I guess, but it’s almost definitely a scam.

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