Phone scammer uninterested and sighed after hearing that I have only 120$ in bank account

It’s late rn but thought I’d share. Few mon s ago I got a random number talking about border services and imports etc. I don’t even remember the name of the guy speaking but I also couldn’t hear him that well anyways. Apparently I had imported illegal substances and whatnot. I gave my name and area code, which I should not have done but I only realized it was a scam a little after, my own mistake. So note to myself and y’all, make sure the call your getting is real etc. He told me an elaborate story about cocaine and heroine being found after a raid at an address in Florida. Issued a few times for him to repeat the address, but like I said, I couldn’t hear it very clearly anyways. I knew it was a scam at this point so I decided not to hang up. I started screen recording my phone but I didn’t know that it didn’t work and there was no audio from the call, don’t use screen record much but I guess that doesn’t work on iPhone during calls. I pretended like I was concerned and asked what I should do. He asked about who’s many bank accounts I had and I said I had just one with a bank I do not use. Guess it didn’t really matter but then he asked about how much was in it. I told him I had huge amount of 120$ in my chequing account. He asked about both chequing and savings then asked if I had any credit cards. I said no. He asked a few times and confirmed with me about my 120$ and no credit cards. All I heard was a pause and a big sigh, then he hung up.

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  1. Iwantmyflag says:

    Hey I’ll take the 120 if you’re still interested 😄

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