Port Out Scammed through StraightTalk ….again…

Second time someone has Ported my phone without my authorization. I knew something was odd because I kept getting email alert of password reset attempts for several crypto and bank accounts. As well as my own email account. (I’ve got all my accounts locked down)

So I have 2FA setup. Straight Talk was supposed to require a PIN and a text message code to allow a Port. But now I’ve had my number stolen from me twice, and

So I asked StraightTalk how this happened when my account had a new PIN and they claimed they had an extra text verification if a port-out was every attempted. They said I could port-out without knowing my PIN or password by “knowing information about the phone and recently called numbers”. They called this equivalent to knowing my Secrete Question. I’m still trying to figure out what that means.

Has anyone ever heard such a thing?

I call BS. But their customer support seems to not really know what I’m asking when I request to block all port-out request. Their only response is that I should change my PIN. What good does changing my PIN do when someone apparently can circumvent by knowing my call history (That raises another question on how someone would know my call history)

This is likely the last straw for ST. I’ve been a customer for ~10 years and I can’t trust them anymore. I’ve already filled out a FCC report. Aside from a BBB rant, is there any other organizations I can report them to?

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    More like StraightTake

  2. Civil_Fox3900 says:

    Find a new cellular service provider.

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