Possible job offer scam…please help

(19 female) applied for a few different entry level jobs on indeed and was contacted by the “hiring manager” of company. She interviewed me via Zoom chat (not a video call) and we have only spoken through that chat. She sent me an email requesting I fill out and send back a few documents including tax documents that require my personal information. I’m not sure if this is normal or if it really is a sketchy situation. Considering the company, I am also extremely unqualified (only graduated high school and only have experience working in restaurants). Due to covid I can understand everything being virtual but I’m still a bit hesitant to send those documents through email like that. Am I being overly cautious or am I really being scammed?

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  1. Text chat only means they can copy/paste their responses from scripts and cover up their total unfamiliarity with the job, as well as hide that they may not actually know English that well.

  2. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Go with your gut. But no legit company will hire you via a text or non video call. Did you do some independent research on the company? If it has a real web presence you can call from that presence (not anything that was sent via email) and contact their HR department to confirm they are actually hiring and that you are a candidate for that position. Think there is an auto bot that explains !job scams

  3. You should really be hesitant. While, it’s possible to occur that an interviewer would interview you on a chat method, but it’s very unlikely these days.

    I mean, if I am a company owner, I’d advise my HR manager or myself to at least have a videocall. I mean, you’ll surely see the person’s character by looking at their eyes while being interviewed. So, there’s that.

    Don’t send anything. Find something that it more legitimate and make sure you will check the company either via LinkedIn or Google to assess their legitimacy. If you can’t see anything that will help you connect the dots, avoid.

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