Possible Online Clothing Store Scam

I came across this website with some clothing that looked nice. Then I found 2 other very, very similar sites that seemed to be advertising the same thing. Is it a scam?




Clothing looks nice though. Any ideas where they can be found legitimately? lol

The content was posted by thecrazychimpz on 2020-03-24 16:23:48 via reddit

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  1. Definitely feels fishy going through the websites. Saw an ig ad for dragonsdojo and after browsing for a while it sorta felt like the seller(s) could easily buy off aliexpress and resell. Read some ig comments on their page and some people report long shipments and small fitting sizes which basically confirms this lol

    Be careful what you buy off aliexpress & amazon tho. From experience things that are cheap but look nice in the picture are rarely ever so

  2. I would personally steer clear of this site, my guess would be that they are drop-shipping the items like many other similar fashion sites. There’s no information out there regarding where they ship from (not even on the site) and asking them directly gives no answer.

    Good luck getting any help from them in returning any messed up orders since they don’t do returns on “clearance” items and they whole store has been on “clearance” for as long as I’ve know about the site.

  3. Most of these sites are scams unfortunately. Or, at the very least, they’re ripping off designs from other companies, or buying from Ali and selling it for way more. I’ve seen enough of these that when Luvrosy popped up on my IG feed with some things that looked super cute, I immediately searched reddit…and validated what I figured would be true. Quality is usually lacking and things run pretty small.

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