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I was on YouTube and found an ad thanks to the data collection google does. It’s an oculus quest 2 that’s only 75.99 for 256 GB. I thought it was a good deal and reasonable since it’s a Friday on December. The [site](https://www.sshoposoc.com/oculus-quest2-c_11.html) looked a bit sketchy since it’s not really well designed.

However I went through with the order, luckily it seems like the order didn’t go through. Will be keeping an eye on my bank account for now. The luckiest part would be me creating my own account on this site, allowing me to look at my past orders, just to find the name and address I have inputted is wildly different from my original input.

[What I entered](https://ibb.co/F4TTLp9)
[What was shown on my order](https://ibb.co/r45stGv)
[When I pressed returned order](https://ibb.co/nCBwr0R)

Unfortunately I did not take screenshots of me entering my personal information when I ordered the item, since I wasn’t properly thinking about the sketchiness of the site. As a note, I wasn’t aware that it was not Black Friday until I placed the order, also I’m currently residing in Texas and not Virginia.

So if you see an advertisements on YouTube, maybe fact check it before rushing into things.

The content was posted by Ishi_Oshima on 2021-11-12 20:40:15 via reddit

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  1. Gtk-Flash says:

    “I was on YouTube and found an ad…” That was your first mistake. Get uBlock Origin.
    2nd. The item in question costs $399, if it sounds too good……

    The ‘order’ didn’t go through because it’s not an e-commerce site but a phishing one. Everything you entered has been sent to the scammer.

    Search online on how to deal with ‘identity theft’ and call your bank as ASAP.

    Site is already flagged malicious – https://urlscan.io/result/b25a9ca1-6dfb-4676-aafa-4d2cd109ca01/

  2. stee_stee_ says:

    Call your bank as soon as possible and don’t click on random YouTube “ads”!!!!

  3. Ishi_Oshima says:

    Sorry for the horrible link format yall, I was on mobile and didn’t realized it looked like that until it was posted

  4. Sites 1 day old, 100% a scam

  5. EndangeredPootis says:

    Try Newpipe instead, Youtube without ads

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