Potential eBay scam?

Update: I just got a call from a local store who happen to know me and know my number. They got an online order in my name with my address for the product I ordered from ebay. It had been paid with a PayPal account in an unrelated name. Basically a dropship to my address, but from a third party’s PayPal. There would have been an $80 loss if it was a genuine dropship.

The PayPal declined. Coincidentally the store knows me well, and know I always collect my orders in person. They called me to query the payment, and the scam became evident.

Here’s the scam:

They’re using stolen credit cards/hacked PayPal. They take the orders on eBay, then make a fraudulent purchase from real stores to dropship the orders
. They pay using the hacked PayPal.

The order gets shipped and I’m left holding stolen items. Interestingly the seller has recently got some good feedback, so it’s presumably worked a few times.

The order was aparantly just about to go out the door when they got notification the payment failed. It’s very lucky but also embarassing, as I know these people and I’ve inadvertently got them almost scammed.


I’ve ordered an item from a new seller and there’s some interesting factors that have got me wondering if this is a known scam.

– Brand new seller this year. 0 feedback.

– I contacted them twice prior to purchasing, no reply.

– The price is cheap (145 delivered, absolute bargain sale price for the item across any store is around 210 delivered)

– They have a weird mix of items, about 6 total, nothing over 250. Each from a different category.

– The stock level was one available of each colour. At most other sellers a lot of the colours are usually sold out, except at the biggest suppliers.

– After a few days I noticed a couple of them sold. The seller raised the price by $20 (still cheap).

– I bought one.

– Paid with credit card. I regret this, at the time I thought it was one of those ‘pay with card but through PayPal’ arrangements, but it’s possible it was not with PayPal? I entered the card directly into eBay through the checkout process.

– No action from the seller after 5 days. It’s saying the expected delivery is before 29/3, although it’s not marked shipped.

– The item is a ‘Tilt Hydrometer’. Fairly obscure. I can provide a direct link if that’s allowed.

What could be the angle here? The only eBay scam I can of that think might apply is the old ‘fake parcel shipped to wrong address in correct postcode’, but being a new seller I presumed they wouldn’t get far and it would be easy for me dispute and win, although now I’m not so sure..

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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  1. It’s quite a high risk seller given the no feedback and no reply, but no obvious scam *yet*. If you receive nothing by the delivery date then raise a dispute, keep all communication through the ebay platform and you should be covered if they are scamming you.

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