Potential email scam/hack?

My mother received an email today from someone she knows. When she opened it the email said “are you available now?”. She hit reply and saw the email was not addressed to the person she knew but to this email address: [email protected] She deleted the message and questioned her friend who said they did not email her. She also found out that her friends mom got the same email. Do you think her phone was hacked? Because now whenever she opens apps they ask to access other devices on “the network”. Any ideas?

The content was posted by Prudent-Definition40 on 2021-11-13 00:04:09 via reddit

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  1. ChickenSpaceProgram says:

    The friends email has more than likely been hacked. Tell the friend to change the account’s password. A video on what I think is a similar problem:

  2. Shield_Lyger says:

    Her phone may have malware, but it’s unlikely that simply opening an e-mail would have done it. (I think the tech is out there, but unless your mother has pissed off some really powerful people, she’s likely too small potatoes for that.) Is your mother sure that she didn’t open any attachments or download anything with that mail? If every application she opens is asking for network permissions, it’s likely *something* isn’t behaving itself. You may want to check whichever app store she uses for an anti-malware program and scan it.

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