Potential rental scam

Potential rental scam

The content was posted by Zorak925 on 2021-11-19 01:21:09 via reddit

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  1. blahblahsdfsdfsdfsdf says:

    Yes, don’t give anyone any money for anything without seeing an apartment first.

  2. DJMeowwMixx says:

    This happened to me but when I said I won’t apply until after I see it, they told me I could drive by that night. When it was 830pm.

  3. AnEccentricWriter says:

    Everything they say sounds super sus. “Fill it up” and “kindly” are dead giveaways.

  4. SuspiciousSir9319 says:

    100000% scam. This makes me so angry because I rent out a back house every 2 weeks/sometimes every other month to different people and I use to use zelle as a payment method and put the key in lockbox w a code and give them the code once they pay now I can’t anymore because since scammers started using zelle and telling people there’s a key in a lockbox but they have to pay first made me stop doing that so now I have to waste my time, drive and collect cash and open the door for them, sigh these scammers make it harder for everybody.

  5. I saw a studio apartment for rent in San Diego, CA on Facebook Marketplace today. I texted the landlord today and he emailed me a form to complete for screening purposes and asked me for $100 that he said will be refunded. I know landlords do that in CA (I’m new to Cali) but $100 is a bit too much. The max is $53 from what I read. The problem is, I got texts and a call from a different phone number with an area code from NYC asking if I paid. I also got a different email address to send money to via Zelle. I also asked about the address and he hasn’t texted it to me yet. When I checked the email on Zelle; the name sounded Nigerian and the man I spoke to sounded like he had an accent. I’m convinced it’s a scam, but I’m not sure.

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