Potential Sugar Momma scam

hasn’t asked for any banking info or email or to cash a check like I’ve seen in other reports but instead cashapp or paypal i don’t use them so I’m confused/concerned at to what could happen would love some advice! 😊

The content was posted by HavokMania2077 on 2021-10-04 21:45:36 via reddit

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  1. No such thing as an online sugar parent, and sugar mommas are almost non-existent. If you haven’t met in person for the sugar parent to figure out if there’s chemistry, it’s not real (because you’d have to give them “sugar” eventually).

    Probably they will “test” you to send some money to another “baby” or to a “charity.” Cut them off now.

    !sugar scam

  2. DarrenFromFinance says:

    Memorize this: nobody on the internet will ever randomly offer you free money. If someone seems to be doing that, they have a plan to get money from you instead. You may not know what the plan is, but believe me, they have one.

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Not sure what you want to know. Obviously there are no real online sugar (mama, daddy). It’s very rare, and you have to give up the sugar. As for sending you money. They will either send money from a stolen account, as you to send some somewhere else. Then when the real owner of the account gets the money reversed, you will be out that money. Or they may send a fake email showing they sent money, but you have to pay a fee to get it to actually go to your account. And it never does, because it isn’t real, but again you are out that fee. Best advice, is ignore, block, and delete. No one gives anyone money for nothing.

  4. amyaurora says:

    Still going to be the “fake check” scam. What will happen is you will be tricked into spending that money before the deposit is confirmed to be fake and then you are out the dough. And the “Sugar Mama” would be long gone.

  5. Sin-Within says:

    I’m getting similar scams today. They tell me I have to buy a steam or Google play card and use the transaction code so they can pay me thru PayPal. Or I have to have $10 in my PayPal account to cover a fee or I need to send them $10 to prove I’m legit. I messaged a couple back just to see where they were going with it. No one wanted to use my cashapp for some reason. Oh, one did say he tried to use it and sent me a “screeenshot” of it saying this account might be a scam. Then they told me to buy a card. I’m so tired of these people. I just want someone legit interested in my content. Lol

  6. In-vince_able says:

    The person contacting you is really a man so you will be servicing a Surgar Daddy. Just don’t let your girlfriend find out.

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