Prime Vehicle Traders is a scam.

A post was recently made on this subreddit about a large scale vehicle scam site, but the post has been deleted so I have re-written it so that people can be warned about this scam. Another post was made [here]( (archived: and the scammers showed up in the comments again defending their obvious scam. Here is an article from the FTC explaining vehicle vendor scams: Basically, you’ll meet someone on a site like Craigslist and they will claim that their vehicle is on consginment with one of these scam sites. They will direct you to the site, and if you proceed you will be contacted by someone from the site to finalize the transaction. This is a type of [bogus escrow scam](, where the scammers try to catch you off-guard by directing you to a seemingly legitimate website. The main scam site is Prime Vehicle Traders (, but the scammers also operate the following sites: DTC Motors Group (, Autos By Price (, Roscoe Automotive and Consignment (, and Car Country Auto ( Autos by Price is also connected to a fake job scam: (archive: If you research these sites you may find legitimate companies of the same name, but the scammers are impersonating those legitimate companies. The address on Prime’s site is a huge office building in New York City, but they do not offer a suite number.

**False Reviews**

The following sites host false reviews for Most of these seem to have been registered by the scammers, but a few may be compromised sites. Some obviously hacked sites have not been listed here, in those cases the scammers seemed to use Coldfusion exploits to upload a scam page, as most hacked sites shared “/cf_scripts/” or “/ajax/filemanager/” in the URL. (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2019-10-21) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2020-04-11) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (registered 2018-05-13) (fake BBB site using a UAE domain: (registered 2020-09-26) (registered 2020-09-26) (registered 2018-10-03) (registered 2018-07-16) (registered 2017-08-28) (registered 2018-01-04) (registered 2020-03-10) (registered 2018-11-03) (registered 2020-04-28) (2020-04-28) (registered 2020-04-28) (registered 2018-11-02) (registered 2020-09-27) (regstered 2018-07-01) (registered 2017-01-25)

**Scripts used by the scammers**

Hi, All options are in working order. There are no structural or electrical problems. The interior is in nice condition. No mechanical issues at all. She starts easily and restart easily all the day. There aren’t any service indicators or warning lights on (meets description and pictures). All service records and owner manuals are available. Clean and clear title, no liens (ready for a quick sale). Please check the link below to see the pictures, specifications/description, a summary inspection report, etc.: The boat can be seen at the local PVT warehouse (I suppose you know Prime Vehicle Traders). I left it in their lot because we got a great deal on a different one (keeping them both is not an option, have to pay for the other soon). Also due to the COVID-19 pandemic I prefer to avoid personal meeting, therefore we have signed a consignment agreement with these guys for its sale. For inspection/pick up and payment, all you have to do is to contact PVT and schedule an appointment. All their contact info are available on the website (phone numbers, live chat, office locations, etc.), in the contact us section. Just provide them my name as seller when contacting them and they will provide further assistance. In case you want to have it shipped, as I have membership with PVT ( I’ve bought through them before and I’m buying the new boat through them too), I can ship up to 500 miles free of charge (over, extra fees will apply, $1.15 per mile). If this option suits to your needs, then all you have to do, is to go on the website to buyer registration page and request the purchase. Just fill out the requested information on that page, and within a maximum of 24 hours, an invoice regarding the purchase will be issued to you. The invoice should contain detailed information about the transaction, like insurance, shipping process, bill of sale, payment instructions, etc.. Basically all you need to know about your purchase. That’s essentially the online buying process but I should also mention that, when purchasing, you get 7 day money back guarantee, which costs nothing and should give you the chance to decide on the boat, even before I get paid for it. The pre-delivery inspection will have an PVT representative on site who should answer your questions and show you everything works. The boat was also pre-inspected before being listed for sale. To end, the entire purchase process (payment options, shipping, guarantees, return policy, etc.) is described on the website, on the how it works page. Just read this page to better understand the process, I’m sure they do a better job explaining things than I do. That’s all for now, but if you have questions, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Dear Customer,
Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) safety precautions, we currently have limited customer service staffing. Consequently, for the moment, the Telephone Support is available only for registered clients with active transaction in progress.

We offer our service on eBay, Boattrader, Craigslist, Kijiji and Gumtree, which are the largest marketplaces in the world, and we have many active transactions. For this reason, we offer 3 (three) types of Customer support: Customer Telephone Support (+1 888-xxx-xxxx or +1 914-xxx-xxxx), Live Chat Support and eMail Support ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])). Whenever You have an inquiry and wish to Contact Us, just use one of the the options mentioned above, based on Your Customer status.

Based on Your request, we have searched for the Inventory Number 244265 into our database. The following information have been generated:

Seller: Robert (xxxxxxxx)

Additional Info:

Verified Member
Good standing since 01.22.2014
Identity Information Verified
Committed to dispute resolution and mediation
Continues to meet strict seal membership criteria
Disclose pricing, shipping and return policies in a clear and accurate manner
Respond to disputes filed and participate in mediation, if Buyer requests
Commits to meeting DTC Motors Group Standards
Item Title: 2003 Chaparral Signature 260
Item Location: Item placed into DTC Motors Group Storage Facility – Syracuse, NY, United States

We currently do not have any active transaction for this Item.

If You would like to purchase the Item online and have it delivered to Your address (to benefit of the online services), You can request that on Buyer Registration page.
Note: By registering a transaction with us, You agree, engage and commit to complete the purchase of the Item for the price established with the Seller or the one mentioned on the Inventory page, under DTC Motors Group Terms and Conditions for online transactions.
If You prefer to have the Item inspected and picked up at the warehouse location, in order to set up an appointment and reserve the Item for You, follow the below instructions:

According to DTC Motors Group Terms and Conditions, Local Inspections or Pick Up transactions are accepted only prior to having an active transaction for the Item in subject, and based on a settled appointment.
Due to the large volume of Items stored in each warehouse (we are obligated to protect Customers interest) and due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, our warehouses’ locations are private areas restricted for public access. In order to set a date for inspecting the Item You are interested in, You must provide the following information:

Inspection Date and Time (Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
Full Name, Address and Contact Information of the person that will inspect the Item
Scanned ID, Driving License, Passport of the person that will inspect the Item (personal information can be covered)
COVID-19 negative test (requested to be shown at entrance)

Further information will be provided by our main office from New York, NY, United States, directly to the person who will inspect the Item and as the Buyer of the above Item, You are fully responsible if the inspection appointment is missed. Consequently, You will be liable if the inspection date is missed, and will bear handling charges if it will not take place.

Note: By submitting the request, You understand, agree and engage to bear the inspection charges: US $120.00.

Not providing the requested information in Your next message, will lead to no further assistance in the inspection request, as we will consider it unreal. Customers must understand that an Inspection appointment or local pick up transactions, involves special processes (i.e. Stuff to answer questions, Technical Team assistance, equipment required for such processes, etc.), and in order to assure the appointment will take place, Buyers must meet the terms mentioned above.
The time frame to provide the requested information cannot exceed 24 hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we have more inspection requests for the above Item, and consequently we need to schedule all the inspection requests in real time, in order to avoid a possible overlap.
If You are not comfortable providing the requested information online, You are invited to personally schedule the appointment, at one of our Office Locations.

Additional Info: Customers should be aware that Telephone Support is not available to our warehouses location as those are just storage facilities. Any request on that will not be treated. In order to schedule an inspection/pick up appointment, Customers are requested to follow the above instructions.

All the terms are referred to on the web site and Customers must understand that by using our services, they automatically accept DTC Motors Group Terms and Privacy Policy.

Important Usage Guidelines: According to DTC Motors Group Terms and Conditions, upon arrival to the storage area, items are verified by the DTC Motors Group Technical Inspection Team for quality, physical condition (engine compression, electrical and mechanical malfunctions, service history, etc.). When an Item is listed for sale, we compare the original description and pictures with the actual Item. We only allow photos of Items that are listed. As a Buyer, our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program gives You the certainty that You will receive the item You are paying for. For more information on how we protect You, please visit our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee section.

Completing online transactions with DTC Motors Group is simple, safe and secure as we do not release Your payment to the Seller until You receive and accept the Item. If the Item is returned, full amount is refunded to the Buyer. For more information, please check our How It Works page.

Thank You for using and trusting DTC Motors Group services!

Kind Regards,
DTC Motors Group Support Department

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  1. I don’t get it though. When buying or selling a car on craigslist most people meet in person and do a cash transaction. How the fuck do these guys worm around that? What person would be stupid enough to give away a car or buy a car without seeing any cash?

    I want a play by play of the actual scam.

  2. Forewarning, you’re about to start receiving threats from the hackers… LOL. This is what I’ve received for posting about their scams.

    From hacker:

    Why the hell you posted PVT as a fraudulent company on reddit?
    I have invited you to personally inspect and pick up the boat, so what’s the point?
    Remove that post as PVT has requested me our correspondence.
    They intent to feel a complaint against you and I suggest you to take this very serious if you don’t want to end in a law process for feeling negative feedback on a legit business (keep in mind that you didn’t deal with PVT, you only talked with me and PVT did nothing to you).
    FYI, they have received several messages from people saying their business may be scam and that only because of your post.
    Don’t you people have better things to do? Who scammed you? Give me your phone number, I will arrange a local inspection for you.
    To make the things clear. PVT is not a simple local dealer, they are an international company (3 countries), a group company with subsidiaries all over the United States. Attached to this message you have a screen shot from New York Corporation and Business Entity Database.
    As you can see only in New York they have multiple locations, this is a fully legit business and I don’t understand why you want to get into troubles.
    You want me to learn you how to verify a business?
    Every time when you want to check if a business is legit, contact the Internal Revenue Service at 800-829-4933. Ask the IRS to search for your EIN by calling the Business & Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933. The hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday.
    You can do it on governments website too (not on bullshits forums created only to make traffic and to show up in google search engines, so they can promote their website), for example in New York (where PVT is headquartered), go on []( and type PRIME TRADERS.
    Don’t do stupid things, Zack, be a smart guy and remove the post from reddit before is too late.
    I was requested to contact you and clarify the things (again, PVT did nothing wrong to you so you should remove their name and website from there, their business may suffer looses from your fault and you are fully responsible, ask your attorney).
    Your choice, Zack, don’t say later I didn’t tell you.
    Thank you!


    Just close that post, remove PVT name from the title area, from the post content, remove their website and if you want to complaint on me, no problem, I have nothing to loose, but PVT has and I don’t want to end in a law process from a stupid thing.
    Give me your phone number, will call you and we will arrange both you to see the boat.
    Nobody has anything to hide, Zack, I’m not here to play or waste my time.
    In my opinion, you should contact the moderator and ask to completely remove that post from there.
    As you have seen, there are bots there that are promoting their website, they are mentioning big websites names only so they can show up with their services on google, but guess what, this is affecting real businesses and you, by posting them on such website, will automatically become responsible for all their looses. Is this what you want? Common, be serious, I’m sure you have better things to do with your life.
    Thank you!


    **I tell him I’ve filed a complaint with the FTC**


    OK, friend, you wanted problems, you will have.
    I will run a background check on your phone number, on Zachary White, on your email, on your IP, and guess what will do to you after I will find your info?
    I will start with posting you on all gay websites, all matrimonial websites (swingers), on porn websites will tag you and many other strange things will happen to you soon. Just wait. Will put a picture from the internet, saying you are that person and will leave your phone number there, also you house address.
    You have 12hours to remove that post if not, wait and you will see.
    I will make you a negative star for all the rest of your days.
    Stop will the BS, fbi and your local authorities will not look on 3 continents for your complaint, be serious.
    Report me wherever you want, you are wasting your time.
    Don’t say latter I didn’t tell you, just wait and you will see what will happen next.
    You saw that the post has been locked by old members, do you think that is something normal? No, you have no idea what you will get into with your post.
    Remember, 3 continents are suffering big looses from your fault, you are a smart guy, you will understand what’s right for you.


    OK, you think you are smart, I fuck your FBI report, I don’t give a shit.
    You think you are smart?
    I give you 12 hours to do what I’ve told you or I will post you everywhere on the internet.
    Just refuse my instructions and you will see what will happen at the end of the day.

  3. DTC Motors Group got me for $20K. I did a search on them for 2 weeks prior to falling for the scam, everything seemed legit, they had many, many reviews, a legit website, which is not gone. DTC Motors Group was to be a holding company for the transaction. They had a legitimate business online, a business license in Brooklyn, everything looked believable….even the represented seller, Robert Banta, checked out online.

    These people are obviously very smart and crafty, a shame.

  4. Unfortunately I fell for this scam myself. I bought a ‘2004 Sea Ray 200 Sport Open Bow Boat’ off []( I’m very careful typically and I thought it was all legitimate – I was very wrong. I was sitting here waiting for my fully paid for boat to arrive, and it simply never showed up. I’ve filed with the police, my bank, the offender’s bank (Wells Fargo – who was the antithesis of helpful – useless would be a better description), the FBI cybercrime unit and I posted on Reddit and Craigslist. The account I sent the funds to is active and open, but they won’t freeze or flag the account despite direct knowledge imparted from me of the fraudulent nature of their operations. It was exactly as described above. I genuinely thought I was dealing with an escrow company like Carvana’s equivalent and they had a very professional looking website to match – only it was a fake, just like the boat and the seller were also fakes.

  5. IT IS A MAJOR SCAM !!!! They stole 13,089.00 dollars from me .I was trying to buy a mini excavator and then when the day came ,they said that there was a accident and so they would “refund ” my money by may 5 ,no money, no mini excavator. YES IT IS A SCAM AND THEY ARE THIEFS . Do your research, yes I am one of the stupid ones and out of 13089.00 dollars

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