Promocode my arse.

Promocode my arse.

The content was posted by 10minOfNamingMyAcc on 2021-10-04 08:07:06 via reddit

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  1. clipartghost_ says:

    Good morning, same country & I’ve used the same bank! This might not be the promo code’s fault, I’d say the website itself is actually the culprit. These systems are not always accustomed to this type of verification your card needs, in most countries they verify that the card information is correct then the transaction immediately happens. Belgium is good for having the extra verification but as I’ve used the same card, I know I’ve had issues paying sometimes on very few websites (where it would normally 100% work) because of that reason. Rarely but it happens.

    So while it’s normal of the KBC app to take you to the verification & they are not to blame, by that second step, the website does a glitch and gives you the original price of the product. Certainly annoying, but it’s likely to be a technical problem rather than a scam. This is my input, I haven’t played Beat Saber and I don’t use Facebook market! or know anything about occulus

    Of course sometimes promo codes can be false, but if it reduced your total when you applied it, then it should have worked. Hope it ends up working

  2. 10minOfNamingMyAcc says:

    I decided to just pay the 30 bucks.

  3. 10minOfNamingMyAcc says:

    Quick response.
    I used the promocode and paid the full 30 Euros and 2 hours later(now) I notice that I got the 9 euros back.

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