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A couple of days ago, my brother got scammed out of $550. My brother was a on twitter an came across (which I still have) and his account seemed legit to him and sent him the money for a PS5. Suddenly he blocked him after the money was sent. My bother was devastative that he got scammed. So, Me being the Petty person I am was able to find out everything about him. I created burner account and reached out to him via twitter private message. I was able to get him to tell me his full name phone number and much more. With the phone number, I decide to see if it was truly him. I texted him and confronted him about the scam and he laughed and denied it. I kind of believed it but something told me not to believe it. I wanted to confirm one more time by trying to login to his email and changing his password which I already knew it was going to send a code to his phone. The code was sent as expected and he texted me back “you tried logging into one of my emails you stupid ….” . as I thought it was him.

All in all, I was able to go get quite a bit of info on the scammer and confirmed it was him.

Not sure if anyone else has got scammed in this way but what are your thoughts? What should I do?

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  1. chiefdragonborn says:

    If you actually have his information, like name and phone number, you potentially could find his address on white pages (if US) or something. Then you could make a report with his local police station.

  2. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Watch out for !recovery scammers in your messages.

  3. Loo_sAssle says:

    You do realize Playstation website has a virtual online que. Which will email you when it’s your turn to buy a PS5 straight from Sony. The fact people send money to random strangers is mind blowing to me.

  4. Neat_Artichoke7727 says:

    L bozo😭💀

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