Psychedelic Scams on Instagram

Wanted to alert you all about psychedelic scams on Instagram. The scam I got sucked into went by the handle justin_davis01 and referred to himself as The Psychedelic Wizard. He offered a variety of psychedelics through his Instagram account and used Telegram as means of communication to avoid tracking. I ordered some psychedelic medicine after communicating back and forth and then received an email with tracking number from the ‘shipping company’ for this order, Worldwide Deliveryline.

I never got the medicine and was scammed out of the cost of the product and a ‘refundable insurance premium’ this scam shipping company Worldwide Deliveryline insisted I needed to ensure the safe transfer of these medicines to my home.

I feel sad for these scammers – they clearly need the money more than I do and are willing to sell their souls for a few cheap bucks. And I feel stupid for not following my intuition while trying to find a trusted, reliable source for these medicines. A word to you all – when buying online TRUST your GUT. Social media is riddled with scam artists like justin_davis01 and your intuition is here to protect you – it’s NEVER wrong!

Better yet, don’t send ANY money to ANY Instagram account claiming to be providers of psychedelic medicines. After I informed justin_davis01 I was going to report his scam he deleted our Telegram chat, his Telegram account, and his Instagram account. I’m sure he’s got dozens more accounts under different names and he’s scamming people day in and day out in the name of these sacred substances. Maty our beautiful Creator have mercy on his soul.

Love to you all – and BEWARE the scam artists!

The content was posted by entheogenerator on 2021-10-13 00:13:42 via reddit

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  1. VegasOldPerv says:

    Do not buy illegal drugs from strangers on the internet.

  2. Sahasranamam says:

    I think we can agree that almost everything on instagram is fake.
    I think they are fueled by greed and not need.
    Everyone pays for their wrongdoings

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