Quest Diagnostics,, Zotec Partners – text messages demanding payment for services that never happened

Just got two text messages inside a minute or so from something wanting me to pay for “services recently performed by Quest Diagnostics”.

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Google eventually got me to this site, where almost all information is the same as what I got (except my actual name and supposedly an account number that would be mine):

I have been going to doctors this summer, but I have absolutely not done any business with Quest. I don’t know how they know (or if they know) about my activities but a LOT of people would just add this to the pile of bills they get while doing a lot of doctor-seeing. I wanted to put this out there for Google searches – and anything else you guys can add to this.

The text from the text: “Hi, [MYNAME]. Your online statement for services recently performed by Quest Diagnostics is now available. Pay the amount due, view or print service details, view or update your insurance, and see account history via the portal:[NUMBERS]. For billing questions, chat with a representative during business hours using the link or call our 24/7 automated phone attendant at 1-866-[REDACTED]. Please reply STOP to discontinue text messages regarding your bills from Zotec Partners, the billing service provider for Quest Diagnostics, and to receive a paper statement.”

(all phone numbers redacted for sub rules, but numbers in my text matched those in Google searches that identified this as a scam)

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  1. solexquisite says:

    Hey, I got the same text just now. I don’t have any experience with Quest. Seems odd. I texted STOP so they’d stop reaching out to me. I don’t owe any bills.

  2. Crabby_Appleton says:

    I had lab work done by Quest and got the same text, and paid the bill online at []( You may want to check your insurance EOB’s and see if you can find something that matches.

  3. If you had any tests done at the doctor, it may have been outsourced to Quest. Contact your doctors’ offices to validate.

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