Question about email + groupme scam

So I got an email today saying that I had a Trojan virus in my computer from a porn site (did not list site) and that they had entered my phone and had videos of me masturbating blah blah blah, and that I needed to transfer them Bitcoin otherwise they would send the video to my contacts. Obviously the email is a scam, but what I am more concerned about is the fact that my email address somehow got scraped off a porn site (I’ve never used my email for anything porn related FYI). I also received a groupme scam message the same day, although I feel like that could be a coincidence. I wouldn’t put it past porn sites to give out people’s personal data, but I am just wondering how much they have? I know they have my email, how bad is that? Do I need to scrap it and make a new one? What other information might scammers have obtained/malware put into my phone? Do I take any steps from here/are there any to take?

Not the most well versed in this type of stuff so I would really appreciate any help, thanks!

The content was posted by Tall_Sail3805 on 2021-11-11 04:09:19 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Your email information is out there on lists that scammers buy from each other and from legit information brokers. Nothing to worry about, it happens to all of us.

  2. doveharper says:

    They were probably lying about getting it from a porn site. Why do you not believe everything about the email except that one part? Of course they will say they got it from a porn site because they are trying to pretend they have videos of you spankin it. If a porn site got your info somehow to exploit you by lying, they would also have millions of other people getting the same bullshit scam email. Don’t stop enjoying the porn sites they didn’t do this to you.

  3. It is very unlikely that it was from a porn site though; it could have been stolen from one of the many, many data breaches that have happened from all kinds of businesses, government agencies, credit bureaus, etc. over the past decade or two. I don’t think it is even worth trying to figure out how they got your email address since there’s nothing you can really do about it and the only actual risk is that you’ll occasionally get junk mail or spam

    My recommendation is to just flag the message as spam, delete it, and then move on. These emails are sent to basically everyone on the internet on the hopes that .001% of people will actually freak out and pay the blackmailer. They don’t actually have any videos of you masturbating, they don’t actually know who you are or whether you’ve been to any porn websites, they don’t have malware on your phone, they don’t even know if your email address is actively used or not unless you reply. They just sent the messages to as many people as they can.

  4. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    It’s a !blackmail scam, you’re good. None of the info they have is public

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