Question about Facebook fake profile scam

Hi! Like lots of you, I’m very familiar with the Facebook scam where someone duplicates a profile and tries to friend request people with it. I’m young & more tech savvy than lots of my family, so I don’t fall for it and always report the account. My question is- why does it seem like it’s always the same people who continue to get fake profiles of them made? It’s always my grandparents and one aunt in particular. Over and over again. I’d like to know if they’re doing something to attract the scammers so I can give them advice. It’s not like their account actually got hacked, so it stumps me. I know they do lots of those sketchy quizzes and share pictures from other pages constantly. Could that be it?

The content was posted by bean4950 on 2021-10-04 14:35:50 via reddit

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  1. YoGabbaGabba24 says:

    They’re just using people like relatives to make themselves seem trustworthy. Don’t look too far into it. They aren’t gonna know someone already tried the scam on you using that same person.

  2. It could be because of those sketchy quizzes but by any chance, did they come to the point where money was stolen from your grandparents already?

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