(Question) I Was Wanting To Buy Some Stuff Off This Website, But It Looks Suspicious


I tried looking for anything else online written about this store, but so far I’ve found nothing. Another thing that irks me is that in order to buy off this website, you need to “deposit” funds. I was wondering if I could get a second opinion on if it’s worth trying or not.

The content was posted by TheQueenOfPepperoni on 2021-07-15 03:27:57 via reddit

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  1. I didn’t look into it, but I just want to say that I would never order anything from a site called “”. It SOUNDS fraudulent enough for me to immediately discount it.

  2. The website has been around for like 3 years now which is quite okay to me. But just to be safe, I mean, you surely do not want to get your cc info stolen so just avoid it if possible.

  3. As stated above, the name looks so suspicious it’s almost hilarious.

    That’s not even the worst, tho. I think the deal is in the deposit; you pay, order and never recieve the chinese dress. They say they had complications with the packaging or something and (luckily) you get the dress money back (probably not).

    I guess they do this to avoid legal troubles? Which kinda explains the fact that the site it’s three years old.

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