r/UniverseInfo looks like a scam subreddit

This subreddit looks like it’s entirely made of bots, all accounts post the same kind of pictures, talk similarly, are new-ish accounts, or if they are older only became active recently. Every post encourages users to reach out on WhatsApp to buy a book, one post explicitly asked for name, address, and a contact number to be sent to WhatsApp.

The post are pretty eerie, it looks like they’re targeting spiritual vegan/vegetarians? They use disgusting imagery, one was a man hanging himself on a tree, pictures of animals with blood, paintings of different gods, they quote scriptures that don’t exist or rewrite scripture. They seem to have a prophet who promises enlightening if you reach out on WhatsApp.

I tried reporting this to the Reddit Admins but I doubt anything will come of it.

The content was posted by VeryKite on 2021-10-08 15:50:56 via reddit

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