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Hi everyone. I was recently scammed losing the total of $2,000. I’m over it, although I’m sad I lost that money but I gathered some information on the scammer and I will be giving detail in the next paragraphs. There will be also some screenshots as well.


I want to make it clear that I never applied for jobs on random websites. I only used Indeed and Chegg interships. Let’s get into the info.


This particular scammer addresses himself as Mr. Vicent Terry. He impersonates other companies. He has impersonated 2 that I know of: GWA Group Limited, and Heraeus. The first contact I had with this scam came from an email from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) I was so excited to have a job offer that I did not pay attention to the email address. This would be the first red flag. Heres a picture of what the email said: []( They always use the same email, so if you got one that looks like this, then proceed with caution. You are most likely being scammed.


I proceed with the interview on telegram. I thought it was weird but it was not going to hurt talking to them. I thought maybe it was normal for overseas interviews to be done through there. Lesson learned. It is not normal. Here is the screenshot of the telegram profile that talked to me: []( If you are contacted by this person please ignore it. It is 100% a scam. Do not waste your time.


In this scam they will have you receive a check. It will look real. It is not, then they are going to make you spend the money as fast as you can. Then the check will bounce on your account and you will lose money. Please be careful and be smarter than I was. I thought it was the perfect job. I didn’t need to leave my house and I could look after my grandma who can’t be left alone according to her doctor. I ignored all the red flags because I was very excited. Be smart.

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  1. Telegram, WhatsApp, interview using chat rather than videocall, you are hired without any formal interview, you were advised that you are hired even without getting interviewed.

    These are some of the red flags that you should be aware of. Please feel to add the red flags you know.

  2. No real company is putting checks into an employees account.

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