Ripped off by the same scammers using two different websites – &

So I bought a shirt from []( Everything seemed fine until it arrived it was not at all the shirt I had ordered. I immediately emailed the company and never got a response. I wrote them again and the email was returned back to me by Gmail’s mailer daemon. When I went to the website, it could no longer be found (as it remains today). I paid about $50 all together for a really lousy shirt I wouldn’t even gift someone. I took it as a loss.

So I found shirts of a similar style to the one I originally wanted on []( I bought one and two weeks later, it still hadn’t been shipped. I reached out to company to inquire. That must have triggered something because that same day the shirt was shipped. However I had noticed that in their email response, the customer service agent included a picture of the shirt that was sent to me. Once again, it was not at all the shirt I ordered. I responded explaining that there is a mixup because the picture was not of the shirt I ordered. Customer service responds and says that the shirt I ordered is out of stock so they sent me one that is similar instead. The two shirts are totally different and the one they sent is hideous. I requested that they cancel the order and give me a refund. Customer service told me that in order to get the refund I’ll have to wait for the shirt to arrive then ship it back to China. I told them that was unacceptable as they should have warned me shortly after purchasing the shirt that it was out of stock with an option to receive a refund. They never breathed a word until I contacted them.

I suddenly remembered that I had purchased the shirt from []( using PayPal. So I filed a dispute against the seller. I then decided that I’d go ahead and do the same thing for the order from []( And what do you know? **It’s the exact same seller.** That brought me to the conclusion that my experiences likely weren’t coincidental. I’m convinced that this person or these people set up websites, spend a lot of money on Facebook ads (that’s where I came across both websites), ship out whatever clothes they have around, make a profit, close the shop, rinse and repeat.

For the time being []( is still active. I am convinced that they’re making a profit off of people’s reluctance to go through shipping something back to China at their own expense. At best, they wait a month to get a refund. At worst, the refund never comes because they shut the website down and closed the shop. I imagine many people just take it as a loss like I did the first purchase from [](


Beware of []( and really any random online clothing store that pops up in your Facebook ads.

The content was posted by Des_Conocido on 2021-04-27 23:03:53 via reddit

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  1. This sub recommends not buying anything at all from any social media ad because your experience here is typical of what happens.

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  3. Your last sentence is the most accurate. Beware purchasing from ANY site that’s not a well-established trustworthy company with a significant online presence and many trustworthy reviews (and learn how to tell a trustworthy review from fake reviews).

    Scammers can make very professional-looking sites that appear legit at first glance. And remember, social media sites and google do NOT vet advertisements. Just because it’s advertised does not mean anyone has reviewed it to see if it’s scammy or not.

  4. UPDATE: the disputes that I submitted with PayPal were successful. The seller chose to refund me fully for both purchases. I’m unsure if they will face any consequences with PayPal though.


    I’ve learned a lesson, ya’ll.

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