Romance scam: Need to show victim it’s a typical scam

My wife’s friend is a divorced lady in the Philippines.

Many Filipino women find love online with foreigners from rich countries, and there is an ecosytem of scams in both directions preying on desperate people.

A few months ago, she found a man who claimed to be an American doctor, working overseas.

Over these two months, they have not done a video call, but recently he has been talking about coming to visit her in the Philippines.

He is now telling her that in order to take leave, he needs to resolve a financial issue -His US bank account is “blocked” by his employer, so he needs to send money to his overseas bank account via hers.

I beleive that this is a scam, and stolen money will be sent to her bank account. After she sends it on to a third bank account, she will be on the hook for the stolen funds once someone comes looking.

Please could you help me with the following:

* Does anyone have an official looking leaflet or web page explaining this kind of scam?
* Realistically, how much trouble is she going to get in if she falls for this?
* Is this really the scam, or is this a common set up for something else?

She’s doing the romance scam victim thing where she wants to believe it’s true but at the same time knows it isn’t. I am hoping maybe if she can see that it’s “officially” a common scam somehow, that might help.

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  1. >I beleive that this is a scam, and stolen money will be sent to her bank account.

    It is only under very limited situations that a scammer will actually send a “money mule” real money. More likely this would turn out to be some kind of fake payment scam, where she either doesn’t receive any real money, or she thinks she does, but it is later reversed. In the meantime, the scammer gets her to send him some of the “fake or soon to be reversed out of her account” money in a form that cannot be traced or reversed.

  2. Aunty_Fascist says:

    The top scammer persona scripts are doctors, engineers and oil rig workers that are stuck overseas and can’t access their bank accounts.

    You can show your friend this article on social catfish, but it can prove very difficult if not impossible to dissuade victims of this scam to see sense.

    The FBI also has a page that describes romance scams but it’s not as comprehensive:

  3. There are several categories this scam falls under — !advancefee !fakecheck and !romance. We see them so often that the mods created several bots to fill in about them.

    Any “money” she receives will be fake/from stolen accounts. Any money she sends will be lost forever.

    Its important to assure her that the friend is not alone. That she’s not stupid or naïve. A bad person lied to her. You can search this sub for more posts on this.

    There have been several studies on Romance Scams:

    * [](
    * [](
    * [](

  4. Obvious scam from the second he asked for money. Also, employers can’t just randomly freeze someone’s bank account – that’s just pure nonsense.

  5. i_love_the_usa1776 says:

    !Romance scam

  6. spatenfloot says:

    Employers can’t block people’s bank accounts. It is all bullshit.

  7. RailRuler says:

    If she wants to believe it’s true, you’ll have a very hard time convincing her it isn’t. Because in order for her to believe that he’s trying to scam her, she also has to believe that he doesn’t really love her — and that might be too heartbreaking to consider.

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