Rude responses to posts querying if scam or not

This sub is meant to help people and also to expose scams. But what I’ve been seeing is a bunch of rude comments on some posts with the op ending up arguing with other users in their posts. I feel more moderation is needed to remove rude comments.

The content was posted by Huddlestone on 2021-10-05 17:33:21 via reddit

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  1. TempAnnaonimity1812 says:

    I agree. My only intention was to share what I had gone through and to warn others to prevent it from happening to anyone else. If you don’t believe the post isn’t true, that’s okay. But is it necessary to begin to argue your opinion as the truth? What reason would an OP have to lie about being scammed and trying to warn people to potentially prevent it from happening to someone else? Apparently, they have to throw in their 2 cents and be the center of attention.

  2. Xenopop23 says:

    The issue is that some people are so dumb and moronic that they can’t tell an obvious scam when it hits them in the face. For example, only an idiot would think that a sugar scam is possibly real or that a random internet dude can teach you Forex secrets.

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