Sadly nobody in my family is rich πŸ™ƒ

Sadly nobody in my family is rich πŸ™ƒ

The content was posted by Sideswipe_210 on 2021-10-11 18:52:47 via reddit

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Basically the Nigerian prince scam.

  2. Notice the lack of using names or any other individual traits.

  3. MorgainofAvalon says:

    This is when they hit you up for money. I have this for you, you just need to pay a fee, to get it released.

    I had a friend who almost fell for this. The only reason he didn’t, was because he asked us, to front the money. It was really hard to make him believe it was a scam. The thing he finally realized, was if there was money, they would have taken it from the estate, before releasing it.

  4. ValleyWoman says:

    And the email and sender don’t match.

  5. ochisiepa says:

    It’s not addressed to you. They’re waiting for you to get greedy and tell them your name and contacts. Then they scam you

  6. ElleonNotnomis says:

    I got this same one a few months ago!

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