Safe or scam?

Hello everyone, I make a lot of shopping online and for that, on my Instagram often appear advertisements suggesting me online shopping stores. Recently I have encountered these two websites I really wanted to buy clothes from but are also kinda ambiguous(?)

The Websites are:
And , which I already have doubts on because a lot of people say it’s a scam site. Please, if anyone of you can tell me if one of these or both these sites are affordable or scam, let me know. I would be more than grateful! Thank u! ❤️

The content was posted by _GMerlin_ on 2021-02-19 03:06:41 via reddit

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  1. Don’t buy from Instagram ads. They’re either outright scams or they are dropshippers of cheap products from overseas.

  2. They are both dropshipping site, selling aliexpress items at inflated prices, never, EVER, buy anything from ads.

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