I need professional advice.
I invested in forex trading through a platform called Anderfix. I invested a sum of $4500 Aud. When I go to withdraw, the broker keeps giving excuses and doesn’t let me withdraw the money. What should I do?

The lady who scammed me used this number: +44 7419 613017

The content was posted by Karanxsidhu on 2021-10-05 08:51:16 via reddit

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  1. You will not be able to withdraw. it’s just a fake investment. Write off your losses and be smarter in the future.

  2. Salty_Dugtrio says:

    There is no trading, there is no investment. You just wired 4500$ to a scammer who made some magical numbers appear on a webpage.

    Cut off all contact and block them, move on, and don’t do this again.


  3. lightfair says:

    >What should I do?

    Probably the best way to treat this is as an expensive lesson…

  4. You didn’t invest, you have away your money to a stranger.

  5. Extension-Tap-8441 says:

    Seems a bit like pig butchering

  6. Karanxsidhu says:

    Thank you for the advice guys. I have definitely learnt my lesson and will work hard again to earn my money back. The scammer made me use mt4 to invest the money in via a broker called

  7. cgknight1 says:

    There is nothing to do sadly – the money is gone there was no investment.

  8. Walk away and cut your losses. Your money is gone and you won’t recover it. Anyone who claims they will help you recover it is also a scammer.

    I’d get to work securing your personal information and accounts. Think back on what you’ve shared – banking information, personal information, identity documents, etc. anything you’ve shared needs to be locked down to avoid ongoing fraud.

  9. Longjumping_Safe_448 says:

    Stay away from this false company Anderfix cheated on me and they just took my $ 15,000. They will not allow me to make withdrawals. They want me to pay 50% of my total balance for personal income tax said. They want the payment to be made by bank transfer. Very easy to reach supposedly fictitious profits, I reached a fictitious profit of 530000 in a few minutes, everything is false

  10. rest_at_apex says:

    File a report with your local police. When they don’t pay out it’s usually fraud. Fraud is a crime so if they get caught they’ll do time.

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