Scam caller keeps calling my Nana

(In California) My nana is 92 and has pretty late stage Alzheimer’s. There has been a scam caller (same guy) relentlessly calling her for about two weeks now. It’s a real life person (not robo call) and who I’ve talked to has trouble understanding that. He keeps telling her she won $85 million and that it’ll be delivered by FedEx as soon as she pays a shipping check of $25. Or he’ll ask for her SS# but luckily she can’t remember it. She’s had us take her to the bank three times and even though they tell her it’s a scam she can’t remember/doesn’t believe/etc. We put her on the do not call list but again it’s just this same guy and he’s called 10 times before 8am before and from different numbers, states, and even countries so it’s hard. We’ve been blocking the numbers but not sure if there’s anyway to report it or if changing her number would be the best option?

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  1. Crabby_Appleton says:

    Are they calling a cell phone? Set her phone on do not disturb with the exception of callers in her contacts. The phone won’t ring for scam calls and she’ll never be the wiser. Are they calling her landline? Get an VOIP solution, port her number to it, and do essentially the same thing, or intercept her calls and forward the legitimate ones to her.

  2. Princessluna44 says:

    Someone may need to take control of her finances.

  3. pkpearson says:

    The Do Not Call list only deters law-abiding callers. In your situation, it’s a waste of time.

    As Princessluna44 says, it’s probably time to take control of her finances.

    And as Crabby_Appleton says, various phone services offer a variety of ways to reduce the junk-call load. I have a VOIP line that requires not-in-my-phonebook callers to press a random digit. My mom has a different VOIP service that uses NoMoRobo. Neither of these will exactly fix your Nana’s problem (they’re both effective for robo-diallers and mass spamming campaigns, not for a determined human scammer), but you might consider a service that lets you send directly to voicemail any caller who’s not in your phonebook.

  4. Well, ideally, changing her number would be a best option. However, she can expect another type of scam going into her number.

  5. They know shes elderly, they KNOW they have a good mark on their hands…if they can get the info out of her to do the things. That just takes persistence on their part, and patience…and they have it.

    Best thing to do is mentioned, but if you wanna have some fun, next time they call you pick up and say “new phone, who dis?” in your burliest man voice you can do. Might take a few times for them to get the point.

  6. indigowulf says:

    If you cannot actually take control of her finances, take her phone for a while (let her borrow yours for emergencies). When dude calls and cannot reach anyone but you for a week, and you tell him that she was admitted to a nursing home and no longer has access to a phone or her bank account, he might just stop calling.

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