Scam in progress, any idea how to catch em?

Any one have a way to catch a scammer ?
He’s taken a large sum of money from me and stopped contacting me now he’s back and wants to give me my money back if I give him my ssn… Any help on how I can trap them ?

The content was posted by lostandconfused1616 on 2021-10-12 21:51:26 via reddit

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  1. TheCryptoWook says:

    Dude don’t fucking give him your SSN that would be the dumbest decision in the goddamn world

  2. bee_administrator says:

    Oh with posts like this you are definitely going to get hit up by a !recovery scammer.

    Don’t believe anything they say. The money you handed over is gone. Block the original scammer and move on.

  3. DarrenFromFinance says:

    He DOESN’T want to give your money back. He already got a bunch of money from you and he figures you’re a live one so he wants to get more money from you. You absolutely cannot win this. What’s gone is gone; it’s a difficult and expensive lesson to learn, but if you don’t learn it, you will lose even more money.

    Just let it go.

  4. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    What’s the context? How did he get your money, under what pretense? If we know how he got your money we may be able to determine your options.

  5. Individual_Ice_3167 says:

    You can’t catch him. Best you can do is report the fraud to your credit card company and bank. If they tell you there is nothing they can do then learn your lesson and move on. Learn the red flags in life, don’t get someone random Gift Cards EVER! Gift cards are untraceable money. If an employer asks you to buy them and they will pay you back say no cause it doesn’t make sense. Don’t give someone who scammed you more info…I mean seriously! You aren’t going to catch him. You aren’t getting your money back. You have to move on and just learn from it.

  6. Why doesn’t he just make good on the payments he already made? He has a legit method of payment. He wants your SSN to scam you more, I’ve never provided a SSN for a payment from anyone. Let alone an admitted scammer.

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