Scam Job Email?


I recently received an email from someone claiming to work in association with Universal Music Group (I’m currently interested in working in the music industry). I thought it was extremely weird to receive this email when I’ve never applied for a position at Universal. Down below is the exact email message I received:

Hello Sean,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your day. My name is Ciera, I’m a Talent Sourcing Partner working for Pro Unlimited supporting Universal Music Group. I wanted to reach out and connect with you to discuss your prior experience and to catch up on how you are doing now. We have recently launched a new service at Universal Music Group called DirectSource PRO, which gives an opportunity to work at Universal Music Group and/or refer others for potential opportunities.

If you are interested in seeing open opportunities, please use the link below:[]( let me know a good date and time for me to connect with you and I can send a calendar invite. Have a great rest of your day and I’m looking forward to connecting soon.

***If you are not interested in connecting at this time, but know of someone in your network that may be interested in opportunities at Universal Music Group, please feel free to forward them my contact information.***


Ciera Dugdale-Mitchell | PRO Unlimited, Inc.Talent Sourcing PartnerSuisun City, CA 94585

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) | [](


I’m almost certain this is a scam based on the message alone. Everything from researching the company to the links looks extremely sketchy. I was wondering if anyone else has received these types of emails?

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  1. shillyshally says:

    Her FB page lists her as working for that company but I guess the question would be is the person who wrote to you the same person of FB. She also has a wedding page.

    When I was still working decades ago I would get calls from staffing agencies. These were always dubious endeavors. They liked to have a pile of people on hand. I think that is what this is. I do not think it means they have an actual job for you but that they want to add a body to their pile.

  2. not sure what they’re angle is, but yes its’ a scam

  3. The company is legit and this person has a linkedin page saying they work there. They provide temp/contract workers. Your name may have been gathered from a school you go to, a group you’re a member of, or even a friend that knows you’re interested in the music industry. You can always reach out directly to the staffing firm to verify that the person listed is a legit employee and get their contact info directly from them…

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