Scam or not?

Scam or not?

The content was posted by The-true-redditor on 2021-10-05 18:14:52 via reddit

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  1. BostonTMoney says:

    Got a bunch of those right after I posted something on Craigslist. They want your information to send the “money” too. Believe that’s the scam.

  2. It’s a common fake payment scammer. Their payment to you will be fake or reversed. They hope that your money will be in their pocket before you figure out that they are the shipper and that their payment to you was fake.

  3. I would say yes. Didn’t ask anything about the item just went straight to fishy payments

  4. Xenopop23 says:

    ” Is the item available” is the obvious giveaway.

  5. Fluoise_Belcher says:

    !fake payment scam

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