Scam or real?

Scam or real?

The content was posted by toxicity187 on 2021-11-16 17:47:27 via reddit

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  1. VictorZiblis says:

    !fakecheck scam.

  2. SniffOfAnOilyRag says:

    “movers” = scam

  3. crystalineconstantin says:

    Scam scam scaaaaaaaam.

  4. TheFingersG says:

    There are a few scams like this, think of it as hot potato. The last known contact is liable. The scam works like this, someone will transfer you a sum of money and ask for goods or a portion of the money in return (western union or some untraceable method). You get to keep the rest, however when the banks catch up with the stolen money you are the last known contact and liable to repay it. The scammers walk away with clean untraceable goods or money.

  5. Shemydjent says:

    If they’re not using ebays channels, they’re 100% scamming you.

  6. Unless you’re directly exchanging cash for the thing in your hand, or using a reliable escrow service (such as one provided and endorsed by EBay), you’re gonna get scammed.

  7. antagonistic_tea says:

    S C A M!!!!

  8. bigschmitt says:

    This literally has copy pasted messages from the last person they tried to scam at the bottom.

  9. fightinfish62 says:

    Yeah. An old one for sure. Telling you they’ll have a check for more than the amount Don’t do. It’ll be your acct that gets penalized

  10. JTheberge83 says:


    total scam, btw.

  11. toxicity187 says:

    Selling some drums online. This just seems fishy. The ONLY reason I’m even posting here, is cus if I get an electronic check and it clears, ok then right? Or am I missing something? The fact he’s buying such unseen and also wants me to give the extra money to the movers, seems sketch.

    Help me out reddit!

  12. Elegant-Year-7702 says:

    It has scam written all over it.

  13. pedrick-goet says:

    Definitely a scam!!

  14. Dry_Performance9493 says:

    THEY ALWAYS SEND U OR PAY MORE THEN THERE SUPPOSED TO AND ASK YOU TO SEND THEM BACK THE DDIFERENCE. I was selling my camcorder for $700 they said their sending me $2500 check to mail the item and to send them the difference what’s left over after deducting $700 plus whatever for shipping cost. At the end they would’ve got like $1700 from me that I would owe the bank and my camcorder 😂🤣

  15. johnkuang123 says:

    Obvious scam, anytime someone’s willing to give a good deal for no reasons, it’s a trap.

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