Scam ( company threatened to “DAMAGE MY COMPUTER..”

Scam ( company threatened to “DAMAGE MY COMPUTER..”

The content was posted by No_Ferret_1082 on 2021-10-12 04:31:31 via reddit

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  1. oldfrenchwhore says:

    Lol that “thanks” at the end.



    Yours truly,

    S. Cam

  2. No_Ferret_1082 says:

    Btw this was sent a few days ago. So way past the “2hours”

  3. If they were so capable of destroying your computer they would have had the ability to have removed your comments themselves. Post all their corespondent and let them sink themselves.

  4. Macster_man says:

    and people are intimidated by THIS?????

  5. allthatrazmataz says:

    Update your review. With this.

  6. ochisiepa says:

    You’ll be good. Maintain ignoring them

  7. Send them some blue waffle pics.

  8. mauseloch says:

    the domain is for sell now…

  9. MaxPayne73 says:

    add this to the review post too 😀

  10. Eternal_Star_Dust says:

    I totally understand wanting to damage your computer. False acquisition is one of the worst things possible.

  11. DarthSyphillist says:

    Tell that scammer bitch to go paint the ceiling with the back of their skull.

  12. DR_Timefox says:

    It’s also illegal, report them to the FBI

  13. And all your base are belong to us.

  14. Acceptable_Log_3396 says:

  15. Andressa_lestrange says:

    I’ve got a few questions for op. Did they scam you before you went online to boldly declare them as scammers or do you personally know anyone they have scammed?? Some companies take defamation very seriously.

  16. Sparkvann says:

    I actually consulted before when I was scammed by Bikkex and I had no single regret. It’s amazing that i seeing reviews like this..
    I feel there must have been a misunderstanding between the victim and the company..

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