Scam Website? Need Help!

Can somebody tell me if is a legitimate website? I ordered Doc Marten shoes on there, but it seems so sketchy. I had to send money through PayPal. I feel so dumb.

Edit: guys, I am the world’s biggest dumb ass. Should I wait it out and see if the shoes come/if any suspicious activity happens or do I try to dispute it immediately?!? I knew better but I wanted the damn boots so bad. Omg

The content was posted by supersaiyan29 on 2021-08-30 12:19:25 via reddit

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    Always check a site with ICANN lookup
    This domain was registered in July for 1 year out of china.

  2. Zassxss2121 says:

    Pease tell us you didn’t use Friends and Family to pay?

  3. Janethegreater says:

    I was thinking about buying from them too, so glad I found this post! Did you see that they changed the URL to their website? If you click the link you posted it will take you to the same page, it just has a different name.

  4. wendyjudy says:


    It is an online store that deals in Doc Martens shoes and boots for very cheap prices. However, they are impostors as they are using the brand name and logo of Dr Martens without being authorized. The online store has no affiliation with Dr. Martens Company.


  5. davoodm93 says:

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