Scammed by Iberia

TLDR; Ripped off by Iberia on seat upgrade despite showing proof.

I paid for a seat upgrade for my Chicago to Madrid, and Madrid to Palma Mallorca flight but, was denied what I paid for on both legs. I filed a complaint providing the boarding passes and proof of payment and they denied the claim saying, ” Our invoice records show that we assigned you the seat purchased and we therefore cannot process a refund. “, which I know since I was on the 8 hour flight, I was definitely NOT in business class.

Basically, buyer beware with Iberia, they could rip you off and lie when you upgrade the flight. Thanks for listening and be careful out there!

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  1. 97Edgewood says:

    Damn. That’s horrible. Is there any way to escalate your complaint?

    This is from an old link, but Flyer Talk had some discussion about problems with Iberian and someone contacted the Spanish aviation authority AESA:

    *So I finally got tired of all the …….. and went to AESA, the government agency that controls passenger rights (, placed my complaint there and after some 6 weeks got a letter stating I was right and had right for a compensation. Iberia called me the same day saying “they” had approved my compensation. I picked it up on the airport in a pre-paid card which I chased out immediately on the first ATM I saw.*

    [Flyer Talk link](

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