Scammed by Jarmula Studio – Warning About Buying from Online Clothing Brand in Warsaw, Poland

I’ve recently been scammed by a clothing brand named Jarmula Studio (based in Warsaw, Poland). **This business scammed me for an order worth** **$322.75 USD.** I posted this to their Google Reviews, but it went ignored. As a fashion enthusiast from NYC, I love supporting small and relatively unknown businesses. I found them on Instagram and loved their jackets. However, my experience with Jarmula Studio has been extremely unprofessional. As of November 2021, the owner continues to post to Instagram stories (partying, clubbing, etc) while ignoring this entire situation. I can’t post any images or links here in respect to the rules, but there is a link pinned to the top of my profile that records the entire experience, with screenshots, that I had with this company.

On SEPT 21, 2021, I placed an order for 3 of their bomber jackets using their online shop. My order failed and PayPal immediately reversed the payment and warned me that the transaction was too risky to complete. I have a 10+ year old verified business PayPal, and I’ve made successful payments to merchants all over the world. I’ve never had a payment reversed before so this was strange. However, I ignored my instincts and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Big mistake!

On SEPT 25, 2021, after emailing Jarmula Studio twice, they responded 4 days later suggesting I choose to instead pay by credit card (via PayPal, their only option if one wishes to pay by credit card) OR to make an international bank transfer. The owner also claimed that “after payment, we ship the packages within 48 hours.” This claim of speedy shipping had me excited so I tried again.

On SEPT 28, 2021, so I placed the order for $322.75 again and paid via credit card through PayPal this time. My card had no issues yet PayPal immediately reversed the payment once again for the same reason: it was too risky for them to complete. I was stumped as to why, but still wanted to support Jarmula Studio so I let them know the transactions were still not working.

On OCT 1-2, 2021, they responded with their bank transfer information and wrote “after accepting the payment, the parcel will be sent.” My instinct this time told me bank transferring money to a stranger as my last option is a big risk and I shouldn’t do it under any circumstances. But my silly heart said I can support another small business like Jarmula Studio across the world and get some nice jackets for the fall! Big mistake again.

On OCT 4-5, 2021, they emailed again to ask if the bank transfer was a success and said he had my jackets ready for me. I love good customer service like that so I happily started the transfer to their ING bank in Poland. It cost me an additional $45 USD in order to send the wire. That definitely hurt but again, I bit the bullet to support a fellow business owner that was promising me some great service. On the same day, my bank confirmed that the transfer was a SUCCESS! Jarmula Studio also promptly emailed me confirming that the money was (finally) deposited in their account. 

**Unfortunately, this was the last time I heard from Jarmula Studio. It has been more than 37 days now since Jarmula Studio last contacted me. No explanation, no updates, no apologies, NOTHING.**

After sending multiple emails to Jarmula Studio, I still have not received a single response. This treatment of a customer is completely unacceptable. I’ve lost a total of **$367.75 USD**, more than a month of time and headaches, and have had a seriously unpleasant experience with Jarmula Studio. They never shipped my order that was supposed to take “48 hours”. This is a warning to anyone thinking of doing business with Jarmula Studio. Hopefully someone else will learn from my pain and never bank transfer to a stranger again. My excitement unfortunately clouded my judgement.

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Ouch, sorry to hear. Watch out for !recovery scammers who lurk here and prey on kind people like yourself

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