Scammed by online clothing shop (The Akuma Clothing Store™)


So on January 28, I ordered a hoodie from their online store (which is now under maintenance), and as of February 6, that hoodie has yet to be shipped to my address. I eventually contacted their mail and they told me that it had indeed been shipped on January 30, but I tried telling them that it didn’t. Today, they told me they’d cease contact with me because I’m ”scamming them for freebies”. I’m really not, and it’s getting extremely difficult to communicate with them.

Given the lack of reasonable communication with them, and the fact that their website is ”under maintenance” as well as them blocking me on Instagram, I’ve been lead to believe that they’ve scammed me. They told me they had some ”parent company” in Vancouver that they tried contacting, and I tried asking them which company this is so I could call them myself and resolve this, but they’ve avoided that question entirely.

What can I do right now? They ceased contact with me and I don’t know who to contact. I tried checking with my neighbours if it had accidentally been shipped to them, but it hasn’t. Should I attempt a charge-back? I’m so fucking confused and annoyed because they’re so horrible at replying to me.

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  1. > Should I attempt a charge-back?

    Yes, just start the chargeback process and see where it goes.

  2. Where’s is the company located ? I ask because china is currently on holiday so nothing will be in transit from end of Jan till mid Feb.
    Have they given you a tracking number?
    How did you pay? You can open a claim via PayPal or call your bank and do a chargeback.

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