Scammed by Website, Hosted in Wix Domain in GoDaddy! Help

Hey there, today I was scammed by a crypto website that was created in Wix and the scammers host in GoDaddy, I was able to obtain that information after going to whois at goodady and wix.

Is there a way that I could get in touch with GoDaddy or Wix in order to get the scammer information and report it to the cyberpolice?

Is there something that I could do since I know the companies that host the website?


The content was posted by SnooEagles9700 on 2021-11-19 18:31:36 via reddit

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  1. GoDaddy and Wix aren’t going to give *you* their customer’s information. The best you can expect from them is that they’ll cancel the scammer’s hosting account.

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