Scammed for over 10K Pig-butchering Scam by Zenith Blockchain Miners Minion

I am reposting this because my previous post might not be reposted.

Long story short my friend is struggling with money and got conned by a famous person working for Zenith Blockchain Miners. It was a romantic kind of messaging with an influencer, both of we already reported to the authorities.


These are two of the wallet address used:





The second one is labeled as a Binance wallet address by: [](

The wallet address is the 12th of the 100 richest BTC wallets.

Any information is appreciated.

The content was posted by Pink_Fong_U on 2021-11-10 22:55:13 via reddit

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  1. Donlamount38383 says:

    No. A famous person didn’t con anybody. It’s all fake. That’s how cons work.

  2. Never mix business with pleasure.

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