Scammed on a US platform, Getloci.

Hello everyone!

I’m Toni from Argentina (South America) I was scammed by this platform called Getloci, located in Texas, USA.

The story was like this ….

About 2 years ago I registered by the recommendation of a person who said that I could send my money (usd) from Paypal or Payoneer to Getloci and from there I could change that money to Argentine pesos (In the same way that does Airtm or Binance p2p with cryptocurrencies).

I used the service 2 or 3 times and everything worked fine, then I decided to send a larger sum from Paypal to Getloci, $600 usd approximately.

I left the money inside the platform for a few days (at that time I wanted to send that money to Payoneer and I was waiting for the card) Then one day the Ceo of Getloci, Jason K. Willard, announced via Telegram that the Getloci service is suspended indefinitely due to a problem they suffered with Paypal.

Since that day (November 2019) I was never able to withdraw my money from the platform, every time I try 2 days later I get a message saying that the transaction failed.

The Ceo, Jason K Willard was dedicated from that day to promise that in a few months the service would return to normal and we would be rewarded all those harmed, to this day nothing has changed, in fact no longer responds to complaints via Telegram, neither he nor his hired. The last thing this guy said is that for Getloci to work again, new people should be sought to enter the platform (users) and that they should bring in money, in this way everything would “balance” a real Ponzi scheme.

I clarify, as soon as the “problem” with Paypal happened, Getloci ceased to exist and they created another Getloci with new features, I am not an expert in legalities but I think this was a maneuver to avoid legal claims.

On the other hand this platform apparently operates mostly in South American and African countries.

I am a low income person.
I ask you, does anyone have knowledge of how to act in my situation? Is there any place where I can get help and denounce these scammers? In my country it seems that no one can do anything as it is a US company, apparently they had this well thought out and that’s why they handle it with impunity.

Thank you in advance! It is only $600 usd, but believe me that for me that is a lot of money and I am in a very complicated situation.

Thank you community!


The content was posted by Tonimar12 on 2021-10-08 03:24:04 via reddit

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Sadly your money is gone. It went into a scammers pocket. The “new platform” is just the same but with a new look. And they are suggesting getting others to join, so you think you can get your money back, but it is nothing more than a trick to get more money.
    You will not get your money back. Now that you have posted this. Watch out for !recovery agents. They are a scam as well and no matter what they say, they can’t get your money back but will sure charge you.

  2. ochisiepa says:

    That’s sad. Watch out you’re no scammed again by !recovery scam once you post this

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