scammed with all eversource utility information

I just had someone know all of my account numbers, and info… in hind site there was alot of tip offs I should have picked up on… but they had my info, past payment history etc… told me my electricity was going to be shut off. I effing paid an initial amout of 487.50 (evem though i knew my account to be fine,) via cash app. i totally panicked. choked. never thought it would have been me, but after they tried to get more from me, stating a law in 2019 in Massachusetts that says any account that goes into red flag, has been required to pay $450 security deposit. at this point, I said I needed to figure out where to get the money, kept them on the line, and googled eversources number, and called them.. my account, having a year ago gone into default (covid layoffs), as i suspected, was now fine as i have paid it off and am in a good payment pla . I was paranoid. stressed from life and vulnerable. I’m an electrical engineer… they were good. up until they weren’t. I’m so upset and mad at myself. I know I’m a f***ing idiot, so yall don’t have to blast me for paying. just thought I’d share.

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  1. PopularAd4986 says:

    That sucks, it’s fucking horrible how all these scammers are coming out of the woodwork the past few years.

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