Scammers running a “grandparent scam” arrested.

Four men are in the Westmoreland County Prison without bond after their arrests on theft and conspiracy charges for running what state police called a “Grandparent Scam” that bilked at least $250,000 from 10 senior citizens in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties since Monday.

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  1. Extension-Tap-8441 says:

    !grandparent scam

    Didn’t work nvm

  2. ashimo414141 says:

    Idk if this is the same scam but grandparents from both sides have been victims of scams you all should tell your grandparents about.

    One grandma got a call from someone saying he was my brother and he got arrested and needed her to post bond. He begged her not to tell me dad and just wore the money so he could explain in person, which is something my brother would do. After hours of trying snd pressure from the scanner, my grandma couldn’t figure out how to wire money and had to call my dad. He recognized it as a scam and shut it all down, thank god.

    My other grandma wasn’t so lucky. She and my grandpa live off their cable TV and got a call from someone saying their check had bounced and they were going to shut off their cable that day unless she gave them a credit card number to pay the balance. She didn’t lose too much, but on social security, even a little can be devastating.

    These people are scum

  3. ochisiepa says:

    I wish the justice system was hash enough to keep them away from people

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