Scammy/sketchy job postings from Indeed.

Scammy/sketchy job postings from Indeed.

The content was posted by MetalWing42 on 2021-10-06 08:05:22 via reddit

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  1. MetalWing42 says:

    So, came across these postings on Indeed, and they caused my bs detector to go off. Based on what little info there is, I suspect one of them is a fake shipping business scam.

    The other is probably something where they “hire” you for a probationary period, with promises of pay after the period. The hitch comes where, before the period ends, you’re told you’re not a good fit, and fired, so you get nothing.

    I’ve never seen Indeed, or any legit business use Google docs for their application form. To make it even more suspicious, the email the “application” is getting sent to is a one

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